1:1 Coaching Program

Coaching Program

Your first step towards building your very own, unique personal brand.

To enable you to reach your maximum brand potential but suited per individual who does not want a full-fledged brand development and wants personal consultation.

Individuals, small business and service providers or entrepreneurs or even startups who are looking for some guidance to develop their personal brand can op

  1. The first leap towards building your personal brand.
  2. A comprehensive class designed to meet all your requirements.

On a mission to give you a valuable knowledge

  1. Understand the need to build a personal brand.
  2. Able to build a personal brand foundation
  3. Able to locate the target audience.
  4. Create an online presence.
  5. Create your signature offer
  6. Craft your visibility strategy.
  7. Make an impression online presence
  8. Create a community for your personal brand.