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Hi there!

I’m Sanwari Hasija, owner & founder of digitroma. I help businesses and individuals to identify their brand with the experience of the Digital marketing field. I have expertise in handling your brand. No matter what you need. I will help you out to overcome all your hurdles.

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Brand Scenario

Let’s connect your futuristic brand to connect with the correct audience. Why waste time and effort when you can directly reach your targeted audience?

1:1 Coaching program

Come and learn your potential strength and insights on the success path of reaching your goal. Goals that will be fruitful to get you the best profit rates in the market.


A thorough coaching to make you reach your target audience and ultimate goal by levelling up your strength. It will help you learn about the things you’re lacking in. It will even make you self-reliant in the near future.

Social Media Bucket

It will provide a one stop solution for the success of your enterprise. It will help you get rid of the assembling the best work at different places, hence, will provide you a hassle-free journey to reach your goal.

Content for your brand

Content writing is an art that we master. Get the benefit of the art and make your brand the best. Well action speaks louder than words, how? Your words will enhance your actions, instead. Appreciated and Excelled is how we play the game.

Beautify your Instagram profile

Let’s Strengthen your Instagram profile by beautifying it with numerous tools. Today’s world is realistic we love being with real people rather than fake, here it is a way to be the real You.

Social Media Calendar

Your decided calendar for social media will ensure you are prepared to match the pace. So, let’s fix dates to post on social media that will help others rely upon your services with an ease.


Less time to devote to Social Media Strategies? There is no Worry! Listen to audio anywhere you are. Grab your audience everywhere and anywhere. Spotify will make it easier for the busy bees to learn about their brands.


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